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With dates everywhere from Panorama Bar (Berlin), Fabric (London), Space (Ibiza) and a full album tour for summer and fall 2012, its no wonder Justin's diary reads like the dreams of a professional raver.

Stateside he continues to be a regular fixture at the Dirtybird events in San Francisco and beyond.

Feeding off the energy of the San Francisco underground and mentored by fellow super producer Claude Von Stroke, Justin was intrinsically involved with the development of dirtybird records, appearing on its first four releases.

Justin was soon ready to take flight, releasing a string of solo EPs, which flaunted a very unique sound and garnered still more respect among fellow DJs and heavyweight's of the scene.

In 2010, such respect prompted an invitation for Justin to DJ mix Pete Tong's infamous "Essential Mix" series and also landed his felicitous placement on the front cover of DJ Magazine.

Justin continued to roll out two further killer EPs on dirtybird, which were collaborations with his protégée Ardalan.

Differing reports claim a second gun was found nearby after being tossed away; TMZ claims the second weapon was taken from the second suspect - a juvenille - who approached the officers while they were arresting Martin, armed with the firearm.

Like someone that goes bowling for the first time and gets five strikes and a turkey, Justin couldn't really have hoped for a better entrance.Justin initially pricked the ears of the electronic music community in 2003 with his first record 'The Sad Piano' on Ben Watt's Buzzin' Fly label.Everyone in the electronic music food chain got involved, from the A list DJs like Derrick Carter and Pete Tong that were playing the track, to the international music press that were raving about it."Mr Spock" earned recognition from major digital news outlet NPR as "surrounding sounds with tactful little details: the hissing white noise; that chubby, wet bass kick.This is music that doesn't need to be heard on the dance floor, though it does work awfully well there".

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