Updating system caches mac os x

Sometimes after running a system update, be it a security patch, an incremental OS update, or a full upgrade to a new OS version, you may experience problems with the system's fans running loudly.

This may happen immediately and continuously after updating the system, or it may be an intermittent but frequent occurrence.

If so then you know the issue is with your software configuration and you can likely avoid having to reset hardware settings as a troubleshooting step.

If any programs are using a high percentage of CPU and also have an icon next to their name, then go to that program and quit it to see if the issue goes away (if the program's name is colored red then force-quit it using the "Quit Process" button at the top of the window).

The first thing to do if the fans on your system are running loudly is to check the system for high temperature.

Feel around the chassis, and on top of the keyboard for laptops, and if the system is abnormally hot in one area then those components are being taxed for some reason and are generating a lot of heat.

In most cases it involves unplugging the system and pressing the power button for a few seconds, but in other cases you might need to hold other key combinations.

If you are experiencing a hardware problem like fans ramping up, then one possibility may be that a corruption in a system or boot cache might be to blame.In these cases, first try rebooting in Safe Mode (hold the Shift key immediately after the boot chimes during start-up) and then use a maintenance tool to clear the caches.Optionally you can run a full on your system; however, be sure the maintenance tool you are using is compatible with your system.This will tell the system that the extensions folder has been updated, which will cause the current boot caches to be refreshed when the system is next restarted.sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions Faulty OS upgrade The last possibility for fans running loudly could be if your system software became corrupted when updating or upgrading the system.

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