The dating game 1970 s statistics

For example, during good economic times, job opportunities for young people grow, but their earnings do not appear to grow at the same rate as those of experienced workers.

During 1970 to 19 to 1990, real average earnings of young people increased, but at a rate slightly lower than the overall rate of increase.

It can also lead to life saving breakthroughs in medicine, and can help conserve the earth's natural environment.

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Above all, statistics aim to provide useful information by means of numbers.

"Average earnings of young people aged 15 to 24 have been declining since 1980.

The impact of changes in overall economic activity on youth differs from that of other age groups.

Just as trees are the raw material from which paper is produced, so too, can data be viewed as the raw material from which information is obtained.

In fact, a good definition of data is "facts or figures from which conclusions can be drawn".

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