Doctor dating service

I have dated one police officer and two attorneys who I met on this site. They certainly didn't seem to associate a stigma with the site. As long as nothing of a sensitive or confidential nature is discussed with your dates I don't see where it would cause any negative issues.cop/lawyer/doctor/firefighter...civil service position are people too.

Having law enforcement background, I know a number of friends and aquaintances who use these sites. They are allowed to have fun as well, just as long as they conduct themselves in a mature way.

If you behave like a normal person is it really that bad?

Dismissed it until I realized I never encountered a lawyer/cop/doctor on this site.Being picky may save you a world of professional headaches/drama later.Personally, I do not use POF for dating, but I have/do use “match”.I find that in my age group on a free site like POF, there seems to be a larger amount of injured and angry people.MAJOR RULE: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, DATE A PATIENT!!!!

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