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Is faith and morality as important to your significant other as it is to you?

The answers to these questions all indicate one of three things: either the relationship is moving you toward God, it isn’t, or you need to start talking about these things to find out. Will my relationship with this person make me a more loving person?

They were both in their late 30s and knew what they wanted out of life, so he was contemplating popping the question.

But, as he stated in the note, with the rate of divorce being so high he was questioning his ability to detect whether or not he was making the right decision.

Even if you’ve only been together a few weeks to a month or so, you already have some insight into your behaviors as a couple. Are you comfortable discussing your beliefs with this person?Personally, I think there are many indicators to help you know if you are with the right person and the way you feel about someone is certainly one of them. Therein lies the beauty of marriage; learning to love each other even more when those feelings aren’t present.Usually, when you are with “the one” you feel a strong, familiar, peaceful connection to him/her in addition to the romance and excitement. But, if feelings are not the proper gauge, what is? An interesting trend has emerged in the last 15 years or so that underscores this desire among single people to feel as confident as possible about their chosen partner, and that trend is all about couples who are not yet engaged but are attending pre-cana classes.At the time I was completing my senior year of college in Kansas and he was holding down a job near San Francisco. A few months later while I browsed and applied to summer internships, Joe suggested I look for something in the Bay Area (aka near him). Saint John Paul II in his famous work remarks that love begins as an attraction and matures as emotions become “simpler and soberer.” Gradually, the relationship “will not only survive but grow stronger, and sink deeper roots.” This is not to say that our relationship didn’t require work (with intentionality and pursuit of virtue at the heart) but we had no need to rush the process.Joe and I were free to grow at our own pace – and even to have fun while doing so!

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