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The summary version is that inexpensive 1PPS-capable GPS devices have a nearly overwhelming cost-effectiveness advantage over older time source types, and the utility of supporting those older types is accordingly plummeting.

It is actually seriously questionable whether support for any of these legacy devices is worth maintaining.

Should be replaced with the GPSD PPS code, which is better tested.

Support for two discontinued HP time sources, not updated since 2005. Accuracy cited as better than 1µs when GPS-locked, drift of better than 10ms in holdover mode. I had this marked for removal in the 1.0 version of this document, but Hal Murray - who is credible when he says such things - reports that (a) these were heavily used in cell towers before being discontinued, so surplus units are easy to find, and (b) they’re widely used in the time-hacker community.

The models covered by this driver (Model 8170, Netclock/2 WWVB) are in this category.

Spectracom has not produced any new time-radio gear since the modulation change. It demodulates an audio signal emitted by several radio time sources, requiring custom wiring to connect to a microphone or line-in port.

Accordingly, we have already removed many obsolete features, and have a schedule of more feature removals planned.

If something on this list is important to you, tell us.

A line of GPSes produced by Magnavox, discontinued in 1994, with the surplus stock marketed by Leica Geosystems. A few units were still in hobbyist use in 2006, but there don’t seem to be more recent references even on the time-nuts list. An obsolete clock source that connected directly to the SBus of a Sun workstation.

However, Hal Murray reports that the PPS support in ntpd is "kludgy" and needs to be fixed.

That says to me that this driver is too broken to be worth saving.

An effective way of accomplishing both would be to outright remove as much code as possible from ntpd.

Remove drivers for products that have been discontinued for more than seven years.

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