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Anubhav says people want to live their lives fully and make their own mistakes, lest they feel they left out on something, "If you're looking at it as a casual fling, great.Bur if you are taking it to the next level, there are other things you have to think about."Try to enjoy your relationship, as that's more important than anything else," he adds. In your 30s, a pub, and in your 40s, you'd rather unwind with a jazz record and a cigar.But when it comes to dating a younger person, you might have to revisit your old haunts and newer, noisier ones too.But the moment the guy stops doing that, most girls think he has stopped loving them and somewhere down the line, he may also stop showering attention." D'sa says if both of you want to be on the same page, you need to have an unspoken line of what amount of cash to splurge on each other. Don't hide past relationships If you've lived more, chances are, you might have stuff you may want to come clean about.If not immediately, then sometime later when things start getting serious, you might want to reveal the divorces break-ups that you went through, if it's going to affect your life.If the age difference between you and your girlfriend is more than five years, there are certain things men need to be aware of so that they can get the most out of a relationship, which is exhilarating, yet at times, demanding, and one that needs a bit more sensitivity and flair on your part as the older one in the relationship. Treat her like an equal You might feel, at times, the weight of the wisdom you've acquired through the years and want to take charge, but make sure you're not condescending.

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by Ron Louis & David Copeland Pay attention, all you horny guys who want to date younger women - this is for you. Here's an email we got recently: Dear Dating gurus, I want to date hot young women, but always fail.Settling down If things turn serious, you might want to consider settling down.But in the case of a younger person, they might want to wait up a bit and live more before they decide to settle or get hitched.Research published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology also questions the very notion of aesthetically pleasing genitals.Operations to improve the appearance of the sex organs for both psychological and physical reasons are on the rise.

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