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The Boom Box buildable station is located behind the door that heads up to the second level of the rooftops. The Erad can be found next to the breakable door and the RPR Evo can be found directly across from the 1250 point barrier that leads to the park.

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On the patio is an R-VN that can be purchased for 1000 points and another 1250 point barrier that leads into the bottom floor of the Inferno Club. One of the larger areas of the map, the Inferno Club contains many various pathways that branch out around the map.Here, the Black Cat Dojo can be found, as well as a potential spot for the poster for the Pink Cat club in the alley between the dojo and the next door barber shop.Inside the dojo is where Pam Grier is located, as well as the four Chi abilities and the Kirisute Gormen, which can be obtained once the player has completed the map's main easter egg.A usable ladder that leads to a small scaffolding next to the Karma-45 is also present.A couple gourds can be found in the alleyway as well.

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